Thursday, December 13, 2012

Here we go again.......

I feel like my life is a never ending sea of CRAP. I don't mean it literally because I do a lot to be thankful for. I have a fabulous husband and a gorgeous, kind, sweet little girl who have both been sick with the FLU this week. Or as Celia says, "flute". But alas that isn't what has me feeling this way although it certainly makes it a lot worse. My grandmother, who is like another mother to me had a massive stroke last Thursday. We brought her home on hospice on Monday. So, once again, my childhood bedroom has been turned into a room for the most important women in my life to die in. I am thankful that we at least get to give them some comfort in their last days. I am thankful that we get to do something (no matter how small) for them since they have done so much in our lives. We moved in with Ma when I was 2 so I literally had two moms. How lucky am I? My grandmother has been the one constant in my life. When I was battling with one or both of my parents, she didn't. She loved me like I was her own. Last year when my mom died, someone actually asked Ma how she felt since she was losing her only child and would be alone. She answered them that she wasn't alone and that she didn't feel like Mama was her only child, but that she still had three kids left (my brother, dad and me). In the past 13 months, my mom died, her dad died and now my grandmother. How much more?????

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  1. I'm so very sorry, Joy! I wish you didn't have to go through all this. You're in my prayers and I will keeping you in them each night. Big, big hugs.