Thursday, January 20, 2011


I had never even heard the term babywearing until I was pregnant w/ my DD. Somehow or another I started reading Drea's blog while I was pregnant. I saw her post in 09 about baby carriers. By the time Celia was born I had two carriers, The Sleepywrap and a RS by Kimz Creations (who is no longer in business).

The sleepy wrap was my fav when Celia was a newborn. Within a few months I bought a Babyhawk, (which I ended up trading w/ Drea). I now have needless to say quite a few more. Who knew that baby carriers could be so addicting. Here are a few of my pics.  And the link to one that is OTW right now.

Pic by Drea Wood

No longer mine

No longer mine either

Here is the link to a WC OTW to me right now.  Can't wait.  Thanks Johna of Boutique Bella Bambini's.  She is fabulous to work with.  I can't wait to post action shots.  Coming as soon as it gets here.

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and saying such nice things about me. You are very kind and I see we have something in also like owls. This afternoon I have been working designing a crochet coffee mug sweater as I watch Netflix Movies...I miss some of what is going on because, my first love is crafting..LOL..and I'm not one of those who can totally crochet without looking. Your baby girl is precious and how wonderful that you are doing the Babywearing thing. When I visit with Andrea, sometimes she puts one of her slings so I can carry Owen.