Monday, July 11, 2011

movie critique for Christians

John and I used to watch new movies all the time. And then we had a child. We still buy movies when we can find them for $5, but sometimes they sit there for a long time unwatched. Such was the case with The Invention of Lying. Now during the time that it was sitting here unopened, I heard that the star Ricky Gervais was an atheist. It makes me sad when I hear such things, but we decided we would watch the movie last night since John's parents kept Celia for our anniversary. It cracked me up in the beginning and I mean laugh out loud funny, but about 45 - 50 minutes my stomach started turning. I quickly began to realized the direction the movie was taking.

The premise of the movie is that humans as a society did not lie. Everyone said every thing that came to their mind at the exact moment until Ricky Gervais' character told the first lie. It quickly turned to let's laugh at all of the little Christian (stupid) people who believe that there actually is a God. He wrote the "commandments" on the back of pizza boxes and described the afterlife when someone dies as a big happy man in the sky and all of us live in mansions with all of our friends and family no matter what we did. Only the really bad guys go somewhere else that is horrible and scary. And he was laughing at the fact that the little idiots believe this.

I had to turn the movie off at this point. I know it doesn't make a huge deal in these actor's life, but I can assure you that I will never watch another one of his movies unless I have no choice. And I ask the believers who read this to do the same. If we refuse to take a stand, how can we expect others to?

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  1. When I saw the movie I didn't know anything about his faith or anything, but I didn't laugh at anything. I thought it was a really disrespectful to God and Christians in general. I watched the whole thing.. but to me, personally, was a huge lack of respect to everybody who has a religious belief (specially in God).