Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tomorrow is a HUGE Day

We go to Duke for the follow-up appointment/consultation with the Brain Tumor Center. This will go into detail about the path results and the options for treatment. All in all, my mom has been doing great. She has a positive attitude and that is over half the battle. I'm sure there are dark moments as there have been for all of us. I have realized that it seems to be harder on the loved ones more so than the person themselves. It sounds strange, but I guess it is anticipatory grief. I'm asking all of you to pray and pray hard. Forward this to all of your friends and families as well. We need them really bad right now.

- My mom is recovering physically.
- She still has a somewhat positive outlook
- It is bringing the family closer than we have ever been

Prayer needs
- I'm asking for the Lord's healing hands on my mom
- For the rest of us to be strong enough to get her through this
- For the tumor to have not grown back in the two weeks since surgery
- that my daughter will be able to have real memories of my mom
- I want to know without a shadow of a doubt that my mom will spend eternity in Heaven with me and the Eternal Father

Pray hard!!! Love to all.... Will update either tomorrow or Saturday

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