Thursday, August 11, 2011

long overdue update

Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. I needed a break to wrap my head around what is happening. We had the follow-up appt 7/29. She is going to do radiation and a chemo pill for 6 weeks along w/ Avastin and then take 3 weeks off. On the last week of the break she gets an MRI to see how she has responded. We then have another follow-up appt at Duke. If she is responding well, she will do the chemo pill 5 days out of 30 with Avastin injections once a month for a year with MRIs every other month. If at that point she is stable, she will then do Avastin once a month for an unknown period of time. If she responds to treatment, the dr said she might have 2-4 years. If she chose not to treat, she only has 1-3 months. Needless to say, she is going to try treatment. The dr also said that if at any point during the treatment, my mom didn't feel like she can handle it or if the rest of us see that her quality of life isn't good, we can stop and they would make her as comfortable as possible during the time she has left.

She was fitted for her radiation mask today. The drs also re-started her steroids when we were back. Before starting those again, she didn't look good. She was exhausted and not that mobile. I have noticed a HUGE difference. She is using a walker to move around the house, but she is moving. She has called me a few times on her own just to talk and she sounds alot more like Mama. I am going to
thank God every day for the days we have left. It is hard to do some days, but I know that He is truly in control, not us. If he chooses to do so, then she will be healed and if not, I pray she has comfort in the knowledge that she will be with the true Father afterwards.

I ask that you continue to pray. Pray HARD!!!!

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