Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My DD cracks me up

This past weekend my almost 2 year old cracked me up more than once. She woke up from her nap Sunday afternoon, came running into the living room screaming 'I'm finished sleeping'. She jumped into her swing (which we brought downstairs because it has been a consistent 100 degrees outside for over a month) and started swinging. All of a sudden, she hopped off and jumped on her little tykes John Deer tractor and screamed, my green tractor. I finally realized that we had the TV on Country TV and 'My Big Green Tractor' by Jason Aldean was on. Ha!!!

Another time she was trying to put on some Dora flip flips that my MIL bought her earlier this summer. They were tight so I told her that they were too small. She took one off, held it up against her foot (a sign that she watches and pays attention to everything we do) and said: 'Too Small, no more, Bye Bye'. She took the other shoe off, walked down the hall with her head down and put it in her show basket in her room. She sat down and said 'Bye bye, Dora flip flops, too small.' Picked up her Dora tennis shoes and said 'Mommy, these Dora shoes OK' and proceeded to put them on and run out of the room.

Isn't it amazing how much these little bitties can take over your whole life. They are truly an amazing gift from God. Of course there are some days when I feel completely overwhelmed and like it is sometimes too much, but then I quickly remember that she is my only living child so far and that I am so lucky to get to be her mommy. And then I take time to really thank Him for this prescious little one. I do thank Him that I have her here and that she is healthy. I still cry over the fact that she might be my only one, but she is amazing.

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