Friday, August 12, 2011


If you guys were me, would you do a huge birthday party for my daughter this year or would you do something very simple? My mom will be in the middle of her radiation treatments. I am torn. I feel like I do need to do something big, but then again I don't want my mom to feel that I am doing something big because I think she is dying. Just give me your opinions. Thanks guys!!!

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  1. Hi Joy!!
    I am so incredibly sorry for all you have been dealing with and all your mother has had to go through. You both have been in my thoughts and prayers. I can't imagine what you're going through and I pray that each day there is hope.
    I can totally see your point and dilemma in deciding. I say if you've wanted to have a big party for cecilia from the start, go for it!! :) I'm sure your mother would be so happy and thrilled to celebrate and see you happy! When I'm in these situations I usually think about what i'd regret more...doing it or not doing it. I hope you find peace in whatever choice you make! And I know her party will be fill of love and awesomeness!! You are one talented chica!!! :)
    And those wreaths you posted above...i'd love to see you make them! They are soo pretty! That middle one! Ahh makes my heart race!! I love christmas! The top one is adorable!!
    I'm sending over lots of love and prayers!
    And I hope you do get to take some relaxing time for yourself soon!!
    Thank you for your sweet comment!