Sunday, September 23, 2012

She is my sunshine.....

Obviously from the previous post my beautiful little girl turned THREE. How does this happen? How does three years go by so very quickly. Obviously it is something that we all deal with, but once you have a child it becomes even more insane. I just want time to slow down. I still see my baby and in fact she is now a big girl. And trust me, she will tell you that too. She truly sees herself as being a big girl with one exception. HER PACI!!! We have told her for six months that the paci, which she only uses at night and naps for the past year, goes away when she turns three. She has acknowledged that she knows what we've been saying and agreed with it. Until nap time yesterday. She cried for a while and I mean a loud, wailing cry. I told her that the Paci fairy came and took hers to give to babies who's parents can't afford them. She told me that she needed hers back and that she would go buy new ones for the babies. I held my ground though and won. So far. She went to bed fairly easy last night. She looked over at the night stand and then said, "oh yeah, I turned three so no more paci". And that was that. Oh how I love my "baby".

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