Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ready for sickness to end

Once again, I have been absent because we have been extremely sick around here.  Celia started running a high temp last Sunday night/Monday morning.  We took her to the ped. Monday morning.  She tested neg for strep and the flu.  They told us to just keep alternating giving her tylenol/motrin and it would be OK.  Well my mom kept her for us since she had a fever.  It continued no matter what we gave her.  She stayed at my mom's during the day until Thursday, when my mom called to tell me she thought we should take her back to the ped.  She and I took Celia back to the ped Friday and were immediately sent to the ER.  She had the flu (never actually tested positive, but found out there is a 30-60% failure rate on the test) and a double ear infection.  The main problem was that she was SOOOOOOOO dehydrated.  It took 2 bags of fluids before she perked up at all.  She was so lethargic.  Once the 2nd bag was done, she was finally our Celia again.  She was playing and smiling which she hadn't done all week long. 

Thank God that she feels better, but now Mommy is sick.  :-(  I have a sinus and an ear infection.  Maybe we'll all feel better soon.  Now my mom and dad are sick as well. 

I can say that I never want to see my baby in an infant hospital gown again.  It was the most pitiful sight ever.  I thank God that we don't have a child w/ horrible health problems.  I can't imagine what that would be like and my heart goes out every time I hear of a sick little one.  I pray that we never have to deal with that and that the day will come when none of us  have to.

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