Monday, February 28, 2011

People I LOVE

Here are a few things in my life that I love and have made me who I am

Generation pic 19 years ago

Generation pic 6 years ago

Large family pic 6 years ago

Ma - Maternal grandmother        
My grandmother means more to me than almost anyone in my life (I did say almost).  We moved in with her when I was two, so I don't remember a time that Ma wasn't a part of my every day life.  She is more like a 3rd parent than a grandmother.  I have always said that when/if something happens to her that I would need to be admitted to the psych unit, and I'm still not sure that it won't happen.  Ma has always been so active and on the go until 2-3 years ago.  She had her carotid artery stinted 4-5 years ago and we found out 2 years ago that it was completely occluded again.  She once again had the surgery, but this time it wasn't successful.  She had a mild stroke a few days later.  It took a lot out of her. 

She then started to notice that her vision was changing a year ago.  She went to the eye doctor and he immediately called The Duke Eye clinic and told her that her retina was detaching.  Well he fibbed a little to her so that they wouldn't completely freak out before she went to Duke the next day.  We soon found out that it wasn't her retina, but that it was a metastatic melanoma tumor in her eye.  Numerous testing have been unsuccessful at determining where the primary tumor is.  Now the surgeon isn't sure what it really is.  Praise God that it hasn't changed or grown in the past year.  It is stable.  And for now, so am I.  Please pray that she is miraculously healed or that it continues in the same pattern