Tuesday, March 1, 2011

another LOVE

I am one of  the luckiest women on earth.  My DH is one of a kind.  He is my best friend, my greatest love and my partner in life.  I hit the jackpot with him.  He on the other hand, didn't get dealt the greatest card when he got me.  I got sick on our honeymoon, ended up in the ER when we had been married for 2 weeks.  In the 11.5 years since then, I have been inpatient 10-11 times, some for up to 11 days.  For the years I was out of work due to my migraines, I checked out.  I didn't do anything around the house.  And I mean NOTHING.  I stayed in bed for days on end.  If I did get up, I ended up in the recliner in the living room.  I didn't cook, clean, do any laundry or pretty much anything else.  And the bad part about it is that I didn't care.  I didn't think about what it was doing to my DH.  I don't mean to sound like I was mean, but I just didn't have the time or resources to focus on anything other than myself and trying to get better or die.  He still does the majority of the housework and does a great job taking care of our DD.  He is my hero.  And I LOVE him.  I just hope he knows how much.

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