Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Advice needed

OK.  I have been having some health problems lately.  I went to the Dr yesterday and was put back on my BP meds as my blood pressure hasn't been under control in a while.  I need advice on how to spice up my cooking and recipes w/o adding excess salt.  The problem is that I LOVE salt.  Unfortunately, it doesn't love me back.

Another thing I need advice on is how to transition my DD to her own bed.  DH and I have co-slept with her pretty much right from the beginning since I was breast feeding.  And I have loved almost every moment of it.  The problem with this is that I now want my bed back.  I am tired of being sicked in the back of the head, pushed out of my bed (OK, I might be exaggerating a tad bit w/ this one) and now waking up wet because she peed out of her diaper.  Please any advice would be greatly appreciated with this one. 


  1. would using things like garlic help? i love garlic over salt any day! or adding in spices instead or herbs. Thats what Id do.

    Im not sure on how to transition DD ;-) into a big girl bed.. I didnt co-sleep past like 5 mo with all my boys- so by the time they went into a crib it wasnt really a big deal, then to big boy bed even easier - since they see their brothers doing it... Taite was ina big kid bed at 16 mo.. insane huh?!

    id prob start out with her bed in your room? make it super cozy and fun... soft... then move it into her own space?? get a nice night light? harmony lantern has some awesome ones!! they put off a ton of light too - if u buy one I got a coupon too btw.

    I hope that helps.

    Not sure on the pee pee tho - although potty trained by 2 - caleb was 6 before he could go thru the night without a pull up. Taite at 4 still needs one too at night.

  2. Joy I love using dried herbs and lemon pepper. Seasonings contain salt but you can always purchase no salt added brands. Garlic, onions, chili, hot peppers, dry rubs, just read before buying i guess. I am not a fan of salt and my husband can always tell when I use it. I like to use natural sea salts because they pack a lot of flavor with a just a little pinch.