Tuesday, March 22, 2011

18 Months

I absolutely can't believe that my DD is 18 months today. It seems like I was pregnant with her for two years and that I just had her yesterday. DH takes her to her appt this Friday so I will post details then. My guess is that she has finally hit 20lbs. I hope and pray she has. She is a very healthy little girl, but she is tiny. Currently she wears 12mos in most clothes although I am putting her in 9mo pants which is OK because it is spring and they look like capris. I have to use 3-6 mo Ruffle Butts (obviously I think they run big). Her pedi was very worried about her for a while and she got the diagnosis of...

FTT - Failure to Thrive. Which annoyed the CRAP out of both her daddy and me. She has hit all of her developmental milestones on time or early. She hasn't been sick all of the time. Of course she has had the typical infant illnesses, but nothing extraordinary. And she got that diagnosis. I joined the FTT message board on Baby Center and those kids seem sick. A lot of them have horrible reflux or other digestive issues and some even have feeding tubes. Really??? Cecelia was breastfed and never had reflux even once. She is just skinny. Both her daddy and I were small when we were little. My nephew was breastfed and he was tiny too. Still is. Oh well.

I'll take skinny. It is a better problem to have than the obesity problem children today have. I want my child to have a great self esteem. I'll give details later this week.

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  1. I think all babies are different. My baby was born 8lbs 13oz. Her 12mos check up she was 19.8lbs and the doctor said for her height she wanted her to gain more weight. What? My child is lumpy and healthy. I say "whatever."