Thursday, March 3, 2011

God and Sad Times - LONG

I hear so often, "where was God when this happened" or "how can you believe there is a God when so and so happened to such a good person and he allowed it?" You know how I know this, because I survived being so very sick for two years. I don't compare myself to cancer patients or people w/ acute serious illnesses, but I have chronic migraines and they got really horrible for a few years and I was essentially bed-bound or at least house-bound. In all honesty, had I not had God in my life, I probably would have ended my life. There isn't a shadow of a doubt in my mind, that God had a very active role in me getting better. Am I migraine free now some may ask. The answer is no. But they are so much better than they were for a few years.

I was sitting at work this afternoon and picked up devotional I have here. I haven't looked at it in over a year (SHAME ON ME). I have the One Year Mini for Women. AWESOME. I was looking at the pages for 3/1 - 3/3. It brought back so many memories of how desperate I felt during those days.

March 1 Devotion
My emotions go up and down. How can I best handle them?

God's Response
I cannot keep from speaking. I must express my anguish. I must complain in my bitterness. Job 7:11.

God created your emotions, and it's perfectly natural to experience highs and lows. However, your emotions can distract you from God if you worry too much, get caught up in doing the wrong things, or let anger control you. Don't deny your emotions, but don't let them master you or cause you to sin. God has given you the emotions of sorrow and joy, peace and anguish, love and anger, gratitude and doubt, and all can be used to deepen your relationship with him. Express all of your feelings to him and let him address your needs.


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