Sunday, February 13, 2011

Such a typcal date for me......

Yesterday, DH and I went out for our Valentine's Date.  My in-laws kept DD for us (Thank God for Grandparents).  We went to The Olive Garden for lunch.  Fabulous!!!  We then went to see The Rite w/ Anthony Hopkins.  I was so sleepy in the beginning I told DH he would have to wake me up.  Something exciting happened in the movie that woke me up though.  However, when the movie ended and we stood up, I lost my hearing completely in my R ear.  I have been fighting a sinus and an ear infection all week.  I had been feeling much better, but my sinuses were definitely still bothering me.  We left and went to Target where I actually felt drunk (haven't been drunk in years).  We came home last night and laid down to watch True Blood.  I laid my ear on a heating pad and it helped some, but I still can't exactly hear.  I think it is in both ears now.  I can hear, but it is very muffled. 

So there goes my dream date, but I was still with the best husband in the world.  We only watch True Blood when DD is not in the house at all.  Not exactly the cleanest subject or language.  Good, but not for those easily offended at all.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!  hope your date goes better than mine.  

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  1. Joy I hope you feel better soon! I know how it is with a sinus infection. I feel like I get them every year due to my allergies. I am glad you still got to celebrate the day of love! Happy Valentine's Day!