Thursday, June 30, 2011

Follow up to yesterday's struggle

Things went much better last night. Thanks for those of you who left comments or sent emails. I think it was probably a combination of a lot of things. I have been much more emotional lately which I know is completely understandable with everything that has been going on. And this week probably isn't the best judge on what Celia's behavior is like. Her scheduled has been completely off this week since the babysitter is on vacation. And as a whole, she is the sweetest child. Last night for example, we were laying down and she noticed the top of my tattoo on my hip (which I think is the first time she has noticed it) and pulled the waist of my pant down and kissed it and asked me if it was all better. Melts her mommy's heart. I think is is probably a combination of a lot of things going on in all of our daily lives. I have to admit that I have been much more emotional in my reactions. She is still a baby even if she doesn't know it. LOL!!!!


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better. That is adorable, she kissed your tattoo. It is amazing when children discover new things.
    Wishing you a great Friday and Happy 4th of July weekend! :)