Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just feeling so drained

For some reason I have still been so tired. I mean tired to the point of thinking I could sleep all day if I could. But then at night I can't get to sleep that easily. Anyone have any suggestions??? I would appreciate any tips or to know that this is normal after the month I just had


  1. do you take vitamins? or maybe ask dr to do bloodwork..might have an iron deficiency or something.

  2. Try melatonin. I use it on nights when I can't sleep and it is natural. :)

  3. I'm right there with you. Not so much tired all day but definitely more so during day and an insomniac @ night. I wish I had some helpful tips! I just took a bath and it relaxed me to go to sleep and it is 130. That's an accomplishment for a vampire like me ;)
    It sounds 100% normal to me. I agree with above, if it continues, maybe you could as your dr his thoughts.
    I'm so sorry, I know it is frustrating! Hopefully you're getting some zzz's now.
    Thank you for your very sweet comment! I really appreciate it!
    Much love