Thursday, December 1, 2011

Giveaway winner

I had a few people enter through email and a few through FB, but my winner is: Maria. Email me and I'll get your code to you as quickly as possible. I know you will definitely use this program with all of your pictures. Thanks to all who entered

1 comment:

  1. JOY!!! ahhhh!! YOU MADE MY DAY!
    seriously, i don't know what is happening. this is my third giveaway win in a week and i only entered a few of them to begin with.
    is it weird that i'm crying? ok, not full on crying, but teary eyed.
    i usually NEVER win when it comes to contests and things.
    and a little bit of feeling "lucky" is nice now and then. especially with the way the past few yrs have been.
    i feel so lucky to have won.
    but luckier to have met YOU.
    i will definitely put this to good use. i'm excited!!

    you've been in my thoughts so often. i'm sorry it has been challenging at work for you as well. i'm sending infinite hugs and thanks.
    i'm here for you!
    maria <3