Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm still here

Thanks for all of the well wishes during this Christmas season. Christmas was very hard and different this year. Obviously, I was planning on it being hard, but not as hard as it was. I ended up being REALLY sick this year. My fever started Friday night around 11pm and lasted until Monday morning. I didn't leave my house at all during the Christmas weekend, which means that I missed both celebrations with my family and my wonderful in-laws. I did get out of bed long enough to watch Celia open her gifts and see what Santa brought. I promise pictures will be posted later. My dad brought me my Christmas gift Sunday morning when he dropped by to see what DD got. He had my mom's diamond re-set into a necklace and gave it to me along with her earrings. I held it together pretty well that morning, but lost it and cried all afternoon after John left with Celia. So a lot of tears have fallen, but that is to be expected.

My heart breaks for one of our Bible Study comrade's. His mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer the month after my mom was diagnosed w/ brain cancer. She had a massive stroke Monday morning and passed away. It is so very sad. My only hope for him is that he was able to enjoy a nice Christmas with her before it happened. Prayers are being sent your way Pete!!! Not a boat anyone wants to join us in.

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  1. Joy...I'm so sorry to read you weren't feeling well on Christmas...on top of all the emotions. I can relate to holding it together and after, letting the tears flow. It is cleansing as much as it is trying. What an amazing and meaningful gift...the diamonds reset. I know you will cherish them greatly. :*)
    Looking forward to pictures.
    And wishing you time and healing.
    So much love to you!