Friday, February 24, 2012

Prayers please.....

My beautiful baby girl is so sick this week. She started coughing Sunday night, it got worse at the baby sitter's that day and kept getting worse. We kept her home Tuesday and Wednesday because her fever was still high. We were alternating Motrin and Tylenol, but couldn't get it down. We decided to go ahead to the pediatrician's office since we were inching closer to the weekend and it didn't seem to be getting better. She has pneumonia. It isn't bad, but still enough to scare us. She started her antibiotics today and got a few breathing treatments. Already her energy seems to be getting better. Just pray for us.

Also: need prayers for one of my nephews. He had his second surgery to correct his club foot. It hasn't been nearly as easy as his first surgery last year. Try telling a 2yo that he can't put any weight on his foot. yeah right! Have they ever met a 2yo? I think not. As soon as he got home last week and seemed to be feeling a little better, he came down with a really bad cold and possible walking pneumonia. So it has just been a rough week for him and his parents and twin brother. He is just very uncomfortable, especially at night. I talked to his Daddy last night and he told me that they got a wheelchair delivered for him today. Can't wait to see that and I'll have to post pics later.

So pray for my sweet baby girl and nephew. Here are a few pics over the past few weeks of them plus a few of Luke's twin, Logan. They were born 17 days after Cecelia and it has been such fun watching them grow together. She came out of the womb a little mommy. Can't you tell?






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  1. sending good vibes! It's always such a scary thing when your little one is that sick =(

  2. Ohhhh, Celia and your nephew are in my prayers! I'm so sorry! It is so heart breaking to see little ones sick and in pain! I will keep them in my thoughts for sure!
    Your photos made me :)
    What a sweet little medley of babes!!

    Hope the weekend brings you all peace!

    Thanks for your comment. Made me laugh (dern camera...hahaha)

    lots of love to you!

  3. Praying for your little girl and for your nephew! They are all so adorable! I thought they were triplets at first!