Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Three Months

It is so hard to believe that she has been gone for three months. It has been three months of emotional turmoil. I will think that I am doing really well and then something will happen and it all comes flooding back.

Friday, I went to ortho surgeon since I hadn't been since Mama went with me last time and flipped out after the nurse left about me smoking. I still laugh at this now. Her expression never changed when she was talking to me. As soon as she left, Mama snapped her neck around and said, "when in the hell did you smoke?" Cracked me up.

But when I got to work after that appt, one of my good friends at work was on the phone. I know her well enough that I didn't even have to wait to talk to know something was horribly wrong. And I was right. Her mom had a colonscopy that morning because she has been anemic for a few months and appeared to be passing blood in her stool. Of course, her worst fears were confirmed. I will not give her name out until if/when she gives me permission, but I will ask you to pray for her.

Literally that day was exactly 3 months after Mama died. I held it together while my co-worker was still there, but when she left I had to walk outside. It just brings all of the emotions back at full force.

Prayers needed for both me and my co-worker. Such a hard thing to go through and to have to watch a close friend go through the same thing I so recently experienced myself.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you

  2. You and your friend will also be in my prayers!
    I'm so sorry, Joy! It is so had to see the ones you love hurting!
    You're such a wonderful friend, woman, wife and mother.
    Keep on keepin on...you are an inspiration!