Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WW - A week in pictures

starts off looking like a "normal" sweet little girl loving the wii


And here's the real little girl (sorry for the blurry pics, but they show how into the games she can get




She is such a mixture between a beautiful princess and a tomboy who doesn't hesitate to whoop anyone's BUTT!!!


Outside riding her bike and "barbiecycle" LOL!!!




Of course, Mommy had to sneak a kiss (Love her with everything I have....Just for you baby)...


She is such a clown. If you ask her to give you a "monkey look", this is what she does. And she does it often just to crack us up.

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  1. She is too cute! Love the crazy hair Wii playing look...cracked me up.

  2. so much to comment on...
    her pjs are adorable!! carters? i love their neon/animal print line *wish they made them in my size ;)
    and her pink bootie slippers are insanely cute.
    i started cracking up once i got to the fourth picture...her expressions are priceless! she's already a gamer!
    i love the princess/sheriff photo and the one of you and her is PRECIOUS!
    looks like a sweet week to me <3
    hope you're doing well, joy!

    1. they are carters. Aren't they adorable.
      The boots are my fave. I'll have to find the link from the etsy site I got them from. Love them.

      Aren't the expressions too funny??? Amazing how early they get into it.

      Thinking of you!!!