Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

It is really hard right now to me to realize how much I really do have to be thankful for. The past 12 months have truly been the hardest in my life, emotionally. But when I sit here, if I really think about it, I am truly amazed that I made it through it sane (thought some might argue that point). So when I think about what I am thankful for it is really simple.

I am thankful for:

1. A secure job. Of course, my true life's wish would be a stay-at-home mom, but right now it just isn't financially possible, but maybe one day. Right now I thank my lucky stars that I have job security. Is it my favorite job or my dream job? No. Is it what I saw myself doing when I grew up? No, but it is very flexible and the worse the economy gets, the more secure my job becomes. And we all know that in this current economic state, that means all the difference.

2. My Faith. I know that I used it last week and more than likely it will be on my list next week. Because, I know with a shadow of a doubt that I wouldn't be here and I definitely wouldn't be who I am today without Him. He got me through the darkest days. None of us here on Earth have no idea why we go through what we do, but I do know that He has a plan for all of us and we just have to trust it.

3. For the love of my family. Here on Earth and those waiting for me with Him. Love you all. You make me who I am and you make me want to be better.

A shorter list this week, but it's what I feel right now.


  1. i love your list.
    it's funny, bc i was just thinking yesterday how thankful i am for my job and the fact that it is one of the simplest parts of my life.
    you never have appeared crazy! only strong and full of faith. <3
    happy february, joy!! i hope this month keeps on shining the love on you and your family!!

    1. Thank you so very much Maria!!! Praying for peace and comfort for you this next few months.