Saturday, January 21, 2012

Must be a mother thing

One day this week, Cecelia wanted her daddy to let her sit in her lap. She brought her little yellow chair over to him and stood in it beside him, eventually climbing into his lap. She wanted me to bring her plate over there. I took it to them and she started playing with a toy on teh bar. John moved the plate and she grabbed it, looked at him and said "No Daddy, don't take my plate away, I want to eat the food." Really??? She's 2.

She shouldn't be able to speak and express herself in actual sentences. The thing with her is that she uses it in the correct context. I know everyone thinks their child/ren are smart, but she blows my mind. And it only seems to bother me. She should still be a baby. She is so independent. I want my little girl back, but I don't think it's happening. She will now tell me that she is a big girl. What constitutes a big girl???? LOL!!! I have never been more in love with her though. She is so much fun (when not in the middle of a all 2yo got through)

1 comment:

  1. how adorable! it amazes me when children speak so clearly and adult like. i can just imagine how sweet she is in person!!
    she is beautiful! her hair is getting so long.
    i hope that the weekend is treating you all nicely!! <3
    lots of love to you, joy!!