Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 - My Birthday

I have seen numerous 9/11 shows and news casts about 9/11 already since it is the 10th anniversary. Since that day, I always get the same response when asked what my birthday is...."oh, I'm so sorry. It has to suck to have that day as your birthday." But, if you go back far enough in history, something bad has happened on every day. I don't view 9/11 as the worst day. Now 9/11/01 was a very bad day not only for America, but for me as well.

Ten years ago, I was turning 24 and I was at home losing a baby. I ended up having to get a D&C on 9/14 because the bleeding would not stop. Now for those of you who have lost babies, you know how horribly painful the entire process is. Not only just physically, although it really can be, but also the mental anguish you feel is just almost too much.

So I was at home curled up in bed with a heating pad with Good Morning America on TV. Once the first tower was hit, they immediately switched the camera to the scene. And a few minutes later, I watched live as the plane flew into the 2nd tower. It was horrific. I actually saw the footage that they refuse to show now where you could actually see people jumping out of the building. I truly can't imagine how horrifying of a choice that was. One of my former friends (that's another story) came over that morning to see how I was doing and he was there when the Pentagon was hit and when the plane went down in PA.

So 9/11/01 did SUCK, but I refuse to let every 9/11 suck. I refuse to let the horrifying events of one day taint my birthday every year. I still try to stop at 8:46 AM every 9/11 to take the time to remember the heroes and everyday people who lost their lives because I truly think these people deserve that respect. But today, I will do that and I will bask in the utter joy of hearing my DD sing "Happy Birthday, Mommy"!!! And I hope you guys have a very good 9/11 too.

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  1. I remember seeing those scenes too, of the people jumping... I was 18 when this happened. Working at Statefarm insurance...

    I cant imagine the pain you felt tho to go through all that during such a tragic day in america too. Plus your birthday? wow.

    But you are totally right to not get in your mindset that every 911 will be bad.

    Now I would love a video of Cecelia singing Happy Birthday to you :)