Friday, September 2, 2011

I have been slack

I know I have been slack with posts lately. Thanks to all of you who continue to read and comment. Both Celia and I had strep last week so that contributed to not posting last week. This week I was just catching up at work and at home. I did go w/ my mom to a dr appt Wednesday. So far so good with the treatment. She is very tired and weak, but she seemed in better spirits when I saw her this week. I stayed away last week because I didn't want to get her sick.

I have a cousin, who is starting her own photography business coming in this Saturday to do some family pics. I can't wait. I hope they turn out great and that my mom doesn't feel self-conscious. I'll post them on here, but check out Diane's link.

Sadly I had to relinquish my mom's cat to the vet Wednesday. I can't take her in because (1) my husband would kill me, (2) we're away too much for a new kitty to adjust easily and (3) she was peeing and pooping on the beds at my parents. My mom is an animal lover like I am, but Inky had been throwing up fairly regularaly even before my mom got sick. After my mom got sick, she started refusing to use the litter box (AT ALL). My dad was going to take her to the animal shelter, but I knew they would automatically euthanize her and they use the gas chamber. I just can't stand the thought of that. I much prefer the use of injections. My parents' can't afford to have to worry about washing the sheets on three different beds EVERY DAY. I am hoping that it is an easily fixable problem and that they can change her food and environment and Inky will thrive.

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  1. Thanks for your kind word on my blog, and feel free to ask whatever you wish. Here is the link to the blog I created out of my Caring Bridge writings. Michael's Story.

    They were mostly words to keep our friends and family updated with my husbands treatment and status. If you have any direct questions feel free to write me an email at