Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Praying things get better

My mom had another appointment with the oncologist yesterday. I didn't go because I have to take off Friday for DD's 2 year well-baby visit (will post those stats later). They did some lab work on her and she was extremely dehydrated. Her BP was at 80/40 and she has been complaining of vertigo. The dr told them that she was dizzy because she was so dehydrated. They gave her 2 bags of fluid and also gave her two prescriptions. One antidepressant and one stimulant to help keep her awake during the day.

I am hoping and praying that this will make her feel better. I hope that she realizes how much better she feels after getting the fluid and starts to drink more and more. She was drinking around 48oz of water when treatment started and I would guess that she is now down to less than 16oz. She just keeps saying that she isn't hungry or thirsty, but if something doesn't change I have a feeling that they will admit her. I tried talking with her last night, but I don't know if I got through to her.

I am just asking all of you reading to please pray. Pray that she starts doing what she needs to do to get better. Pray that she feels at least slightly better so that she can tell a difference when she's hydrated. Pray that my dad and grandmother keep their patience. Pray that God will lay his healing hand upon her. Pray that He gives me the strength I need to help her get through this. Pray that He gives me the wisdom to talk to her about Him because I want my family with me in eternity. PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!!!

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