Monday, September 19, 2011

A Rough Week

Last week was rough with my mom. My DD was sick at the beginning of the week so I stayed away from my mom all week to avoid getting her sick. It is so hard to do this because I feel that I need to spend as much time with her now, but I can't take the chance of getting her sick.

My heart breaks more and more every day. I talked to Ma (my grandmother) on the phone quite a bit last week. My mom is doing less and less each day. I know she has got to be exhausted, but I just don't believe that she will get better if she keeps going the way she is going currently. Saturday, I got to their house around 2 and she had just gotten out of bed at 12:30. She was in the living room when I was there, but she was asking to go to bed by 5 or 5:30 when I left. Yesterday, we had Celia's birthday party (pics to come later) and she didn't come. My brother couldn't even get her to get up and brush her teeth. She had gone back to lay down around 11:30 yesterday morning and never got up. When my dad got back from the party around 3 or 3:30 she asked him to help put her gown on.

She talks less and less. We all try our best to get her to talk. She will answer questions, but other than that, she doesn't participate in a conversation. She talks more with friends who come to visit and that is fine. I wish this would happen more often. It doesn't hurt my feelings that she interacts more with friends. I think part of that is she wants to appear to others as doing fairly well and she doesn't have to do that with us. I don't know if it is depression or if it is just the location of the tumor.

I hope and pray that I am wrong and I am begging you guys to continue to pray for us. I just don't know right now if I truly believe that she will be alive at Christmas.

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