Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm a football widow

Ask my husband what his favorite season is and he'll answer honestly: FOOTBALL season. Ha!! I love him and I love the fact that he is passionate about something. We have season tickets for Appalachian State Football. I usually don't go because they make them day trips and 6.5 hours of driving isn't that much fun for me. We're going to take Celia to a game at some point in the season, hopefully.

Here's us at a game on Halloween 2008

He always laughs at me dreading football. It isn't just that I dread missing him on Saturdays during football season, although I do, it is the 2.5 hour phone calls that happen at least twice during the week (and sometimes more) with is brother so they can talk about football. Now John and Justin both go to the games so they have 6.5 hours on Saturday of just riding in the car that they can talk about football. you would think this would be enough, but it isn't. I honestly can't imagine talking that long about anything and I really do mean anything. LOL!!! Love them both....

Oh and did I forget to mention that he played football for a year at App quite a few years ago. (don't tell him I hacked into his FB account to steal this pic....we'll have to see if he actually reads my blog)

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  1. hahahahaha i love that you "hacked" his fb account. that is awesome!
    i love the pictures. and my husband would agree. well, i think football season is his second favorite. baseball being his first.
    it's so cute your husband and his brother have such a close relationship and bond like that. just the other day steve came charging upstairs like a bull. i was like, "whooaaa, what's the matter?" he replied, "the game is about to begin. i NEEEEDDD to put my jersey on"
    i mean, could you imagine the horror if he didn't have his lucky jersey?!
    such a cute post!
    happy wednesday <3